Friday, April 3, 2009


Surprisingly--or maybe not--I haven't had much on my mind lately...other than gardening. We've had a few days of spring weather surrounded by days of more winter. But when it does reach 50-degrees outside, you can find me working the ground to get ready for my vegetable garden boxes. I'm sorry if you don't share my enthusiasm on this topic, but I find it quite exciting!

So I haven't blogged much. My camera is broken, has dead batteries besides, and I can't find the recharging cord, so I haven't taken pictures in a while. Fortunately, a friend of mine is going to fix that problem in exchange for some babysitting. So in a few more weeks, I'll have more pictures to blog about.

But here's something I don't need pictures for: my kids' stats. I recorded their weights and heights today as we are applying for a new insurance policy. (Those of you with HSAs could really benefit from this specialized health insurance. It's going to save us several hundred dollars per year. Email me if you want to know more. No, I don't get a commission; just trying to be helpful.) Anyway...I noticed that for all my kids, their number for their weight is within seven numbers of their height number. For example, #2 weighs 54 lbs. and is 52 1/2 inches tall; a difference of 1 1/2. #5 is the outlier with a spread of 7 (31 lbs and 38"). It got me thinking, if that rule applied to me, I would be over 12 feet tall! It's funny how adult bodies are proportionate and children bodies look proportionate, but they are actually quite different. Have you noticed that the size (length) of a child's head is a larger proportion of his height than an adult's head is to his height.

Not a very deep thought, but it's my deepest thought of the week. I hope General Conference generates some deeper thoughts this weekend. :-)


Charlotte said...

You knew Ryan when he was little. We were worried, but his body finally grew to be more proportional to his body. Good thing, because otherwise his head would be the size of Pluto's moon by now.

Sylwia Lipinska Hardman said...

living in georgia i already put in my whole garden. i share your enthusiasm. i love to go out there and work.

Paul said...

As ambitious as your plans for garden boxes are this year, I'd say your enthusiasm is pretty obvious.