Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Makes A Lot of Sense

Kent found this headline from "The Onion". I loved it!

98% Of Babies Manic-Depressive

March 23, 2009 | Issue 45•13

NEW YORK—A new study published in The Journal Of Pediatric Medicine found that a shocking 98 percent of all infants suffer from bipolar disorder. "The majority of our subjects, regardless of size, sex, or race, exhibited extreme mood swings, often crying one minute and then giggling playfully the next," the study's author Dr. Steven Gregory told reporters. "Additionally we found that most babies had trouble concentrating during the day, often struggled to sleep at night, and could not be counted on to take care of themselves—all classic symptoms of manic depression." Gregory added that nearly 100 percent of infants appear to suffer from the poor motor skills and impaired speech associated with Parkinson's disease.


Paul said...

First it's childhood obesity, now this. What's wrong with the world today?!

mindy said...

hahaha!!! I love The Onion!

Charlotte said...

That was so funny!! Thanks for the laugh.

Whosyomatty said...

Guess I am still an infant!