Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Newly Nine

Daughter #2 celebrated her birthday today. She got lots of birthday wishes including the grand song sung by everyone in the lunchroom at school today. (I figure that beats a waiter singing at your table. Possibly less embarrassing too.) In our family, the kids get a big party with friends every three years. Maybe after the late-night girls night out (in at our house) tomorrow I'll post some pictures...if I'm not passed out with exhaustion!

Birthdays are a good time to celebrate a person, so I just have to note here what a great person she is. She is my first proof that babies who scream through their first year turn into the most affectionate and caring people. #2 is #5's first choice for a hug when he gets hurt. If someone is upset, she looks for ways to make it better and restore peace. She is a good worker at home and at school and a good friend to all who know her. I feel honored to be her mother...and sad that the years of raising her are already half over! (Though after that first year, the other eight have really flown by!)


mindy said...

#2 is such a sweet kid. I really do enjoy being around her. Hope the girls night in is lots of fun!

Debra said...

I think she'll treasure these words when she's older.

Charlotte said...

Can't believe how old our babies are. Happy birthday!