Friday, April 17, 2009

Next Year I Need A Plan

My three school girls got Thursday and Friday off for Spring Break. I thought it would be nice to hang around the house, watch some movies, maybe do some crafts, and just play together. I obviously need to plan something more concrete next year. Here's a sampling of what my kids came up with to entertain themselves.

That's right. #3 and #4 are inflating balloons with their nostrils. Lovely.

Here #4 and #5 are enjoying a balmy the snow.
#1 and #2 spent both days playing SCHOOL! I guess they missed the point of the break.

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Charlotte said...

That is so funny. Maybe filling balloons with the nostrils might prevent hyperventilation? I have pictures of Peter and my BIL running around in the snow with boxers, but he won't let me post them. And at least you know the kids like school.