Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Random Conversations With My Kids

Here are two more conversations my kids have initiated this week that I simply must record for posterity. The second one might be considered a little racy in that we teach our children to use the correct names for their body parts. So if that kind of thing offends you, just stick to the first conversation.

Monday night after the children were in bed and Kent and I were in the office holding a family (couple) council, #3 came wandering up. I asked what she needed and the following ensued:

#3: Do you know what I want on my hands when I die?

Me: Hopefully not blood.

#3: What?

Me: Nevermind. What do you want on your hands when you die?

#3: I want you to dip my hands in water and then in sugar and fold them like this. (She closed her eyes, clasped her hands with fingers intertwined and held them against her abdomen.) Then when everyone comes to look at me, my hands will look like they have sparkly gloves on.

Me: Why don't we just put gloves on you?

#3: Because there's no such thing as sparkly gloves that sparkle with dots as small as that.

Me thinking: Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

The thing that's a little strange about #3's thoughts about her death (she shares them with us every so often) is that she always assumes she will die before I do. I try to tell her I hope she will outlive me by many years, but that usually upsets her because she would miss me so much (in her words). What a sweetie!

The Other Conversation (PG-13)
Introduction: #5 lately has been very preoccupied with the fact that he and his dad are the only boys in our family. He brings this topic up frequently.

A few nights ago I was sitting with all five kids watching a TV show. #5 was on my lap and he sat quietly through the entire hour. I wasn't even sure he was still awake. As soon as I turned off the TV with the remote, he turned to look at me and said...

#5: I have a penis.

Me: That's true.

#5: You don't have penis.

Me: Nope.

#5: What you have?

Me (not wanting to teach a lesson on female anatomy when all the kids should have been brushing their teeth): Nothing.

#5 got a little surprised look on his face and paused. Several seconds later he said: Do you have soap in your bafroom?

Me: Yep, I have soap in my bathroom.

#5's eyebrows shot up and he excitedly replied: I have soap in my bafroom too!

I thought it was great that he soothed my hurt feelings of being anatomically inferior by quickly finding something we had in common! I just had to laugh! Where do these kids come up with all this?


Our family said...

funny stuff! The other day I told Aurora to stop grabbing her crotch. Cinderella quickly informed me that it's not called a crotch, it's called China. Her friend told her girls have Chinas and that's where babies come from. She knew all her toys came from China too, so I guess it made sense to her.

Now I just need to find some sparkly gloves for 3's next birthday! Sounds to me like she may want to look into becoming a vampire

mindy said...

ha ha!! sparkly sugar gloves, I never would have thought of that!

mindy said...

oh, and my first thought was that she wanted the sugar to snack on when she gets resurrected.

Charlotte said...

sparkly gloves. Has she tried it while alive yet?

We use the "correct" words, too, and it can lead to many interesting conversations (sometimes, unfortunately, in public)

Debra said...

Classic! The kids will eat these memories up when they're older.