Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sorry, I'm Not Playing

A few (more than two) of my friends (sisters included) have posted an offer on their blogs to make a few somethings for the first responders to their post, as long as the responders offer the same on their blogs. I feel the need to explain why I'm not playing. Truly I would love to get homemade goodies in the mail, especially when not expected; but I can't commit to the follow-through. I like to think that I would come up with something to make and send to friends, but I doubt I would ever find the time. Probably you would just end up with a loaf of bread gone wrong. Or maybe one of my kids would be doorbell ditched on your porch on one of my bad days. Plus, I can't pick which friend to respond to (get a gift from), and if I did all of them I'd be committed to making more than a dozen doodads. That would probably put me over the top and I have to literally be committed.

Still, if you want to send me a nice surprise in the mail, feel free! May you all know that even though I'm not playing, I still love you all (assuming you are someone I know and not some creep browsing through other people's blogs).


Debra said...

It's OK, Mary. I'm not playing either. Like you I love the idea, but I know the follow-through just isn't going to happen.

mindy said...

Though I think if you post ONCE on your blog, you can sign up for multiple friends' goodies. :o) That's how I'm playing, anyways.

Charlotte said...

I have boycotted it for the same reason. It has been (relatively) entertaining to watch the posts jump from friend to friend to friend.