Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aha! Use

One of my favorite magazines, Real Simple, has an article called "Aha! Uses", which gives readers ideas of different ways to use common household objects. For example, wrapping napkins around a paper towel tube when storing them so they don't get wrinkled. (Secure them with fabric hair elastics.)
For those of you not familiar with my Sunday cooking experiences, let me just say they must be cursed. Back when we prepared meat, I did fine most days, but on Sundays it was either raw or overcooked and tough. With beans, I can cook them all day on Sunday, and they will still be crunchy. Well this past Sunday was no different. I tried a recipe from my trusty bread maker recipe book, and the picture to the left shows what I got. I don't even know what to call it. Incidentally, I think I discovered the recipe for Grape Nuts. I double and triple checked the recipe, and yes, I had followed it, except that I also add dough enhancer. I'm pretty sure this isn't how the dough was supposed to be enhanced!
On Monday, #2 discovered a handout from her teacher that had been buried in her school bag. She was supposed to create a model of a habitat, complete with soil, animals, and plants...and it was due Wednesday. She thought a coral reef would be a fun habitat. So we started brainstorming materials she could use. I thought of tearing up and painting a sponge...and then I turned around and saw my "bread". It was perfect! She painted it with the colors of the rainbow, and it looks just like coral.
This was a really fun project for her. The picture on the bottom is kind of blurry, but the effect with the foil-lined lid on the shoebox felt very underwatery. This may be the first school project that I'm not inclined to throw away. Besides, it can double as food storage, right?

So there you go. My other aha! use for this bread was as cereal. And actually, my Grape Nuts "recipe" wasn't too bad with warm milk!

I bet my family can't wait to see the rolls I'm bringing for Thanksgiving!
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Kent said...

Wow! That is so creative. You are such a great mom!

Charlotte said...

You mean that isn't how homemade bread is supposed to look?!?

I love that you painted and used it for a school project. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?

Paul said...

I'm sure there will be enough to eat on Thanksgiving without rolls...



Mary said...

I had to add another aha! use that #4 came up with today. When the head fell off one of her miniature Barbie dolls, she stuck a grape on the neck. It was the perfect size. #3 graciously drew on a smiley face to make it really come to life. I guess now they can play witch doctor and "shrink" the head by letting it dry into a raisin!

mindy said...

that is pretty awesome! See, it was GOOD that your bread completely bombed. I think a sponge would not have worked out nearly so well.

Love the "grapehead" doll! hee hee!

Debra said...

You're brilliant. Next time something goes wrong at my house I'm calling you to help me find a use for it.