Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Accruing My 15 Minutes

My kids think I'm famous!

This morning I tuned the radio to an FM station that I rarely listen to in hopes of waking up my kids with the upbeat, top 40s music. They were asking listeners to phone in with their favorite "bad" movie. Movies that we love in spite of the horrible reviews. I couldn't resist calling in for Kent. One of his favorite movies is Pee Wee's Big Adventure. We only own a handful of movies, and that is one of them. When I gave that title to the radio host, he just laughed a guttural laugh. I don't think he knew what to say! The conversation turned to the Tequila scene (see below if you have five minutes to waste), and I mentioned that Kent does a pretty good impression of Pee Wee with that dance. We talked for maybe 30 seconds.

Anyway, they recorded the conversation and played it on the radio a few minutes later. After my kids heard it, they were convinced that I am now famous--and so are they by inheritance I guess. It got me thinking. I've been in the newspaper once or twice, on radio twice, and on TV once. (It was a public service commercial on a very small, local TV station when I was a kid.) So how about the rest of you? Any interesting (or dull) moments in the limelight?

Now go ahead and waste five minutes. Enjoy--or not!

P.S. Did you know this is a Tim Burton movie? I'm glad he's improved through the years!


Debra said...

How do kids go from being so easily impressed by everything we do to thinking we are the biggest idiots on the planet?

Funny post. I've been in similar things as you have. Jim and I have also helped with some marketing for a Utah organization in the form of magazine articles, collateral, and a DVD. Poster children of sorts. My media blitz moments definitely fall into the dull. That's fine with me. I hate to think what "interesting" moments would be documented in written or broadcast form. I can tell you at least I know it won't involve a lack of underclothes or public intoxication.

Min said...

How coincidental that you were on the radio the day after I was on the radio!! We are both famous!

Our family said...

I used to get my feet on the news almost daily. Sometimes I'd call my man and tell him to watch, then I'd walk in the background of a shot. Also, when I google myself, my name is on a few press releases. At least it used to be. Plus there was that matter of me dating Matt Damon and being on the cover of Us Magazine. Wait, that hasn't happened yet.

Seriously, you think Tim Burton's getting better? I'd have to disagree.

Charlotte said...

I couldn't bring myself to watch the clip (sorry Kent). Remember us little people now that you're so powerful and famous!!

Paul said...

Is this a hint that you want your Pee Wee video back?



Whosyomatty said...

I am ADDING you to my blogs