Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday House: Part One--Part Only?

I normally give myself a clean house for my birthday. Today, the starting point was so discouraging that I decided to just avoid this house altogether. I dropped the kids off for breakfast at school (no room for food prep in the kitchen), and used a BOGO coupon to get Gandolfo's breakfast sandwiches for me and #5. (The Radio City with Swiss instead of American cheese. Yum!) Then I renewed my driver's license, made this video (be glad you can't smell it--I think our dishwasher may be leaking, but I don't want to know about that until tomorrow), and then I enjoyed an afternoon at my friend Kelly's house. She put on a birthday lunch for me. So far it's been a lovely day not being home.

Yesterday #5 was very excited about the big birthday surprise the kids have in store for me. About seven seconds after telling me he was so excited for my surprise, he spilled the beans and told me I'm supposed to run errands or nap on my birthday so the kids can get the house sparkling clean. It's now 4:10 p.m. and I'm going to run errands. And #5 didn't even ruin the surprise, because I'll still be VERY surprised if this place is clean before their bedtime. Take a look:

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Charlotte said...

My house looks like that way too often. In fact, it might even look worse. A lot.

Happy Birthday! I always try to clean madly the week before my birthday to enjoy the clean house on the big day. And then cry when it looks a mess again the next day because I took a day off