Sunday, January 8, 2012

Laser Tag

A few months ago we coughed up the money for the Utah Pass of Passes for each member of our family. Because I hate wasting money, we've put these passes to good use. One included attraction is the Trafalga Fun Center in Lehi, which has a pretty good laser tag course. Laser tag became popular when I was a college student, but I blew it off as a childish activity. I'm glad I gave it a second chance, because it's actually quite fun to get together with a bunch of adult friends and run around in the dark shooting each other with beams of light.

My kids are also picking up on the fun of this game.

When #5 was in charge of our Family Home Evening activity recently, he asked if we could go play laser tag. Lehi is too far to drive for FHE. Undaunted, he and #4 disappeared into their room for the rest of the afternoon to put together a homemade laser tag activity.

When the time came, they brought out our vests and suited us up.

#5 showed us all how to make our laser "hand guns". He was very patient with those of us who couldn't get our gun's barrel facing the correct way!

Then they split us into teams and showed us our recharging stations. My team recharged by standing by a kitchen chair and waiting for #4 (the referee) to beep, which let us know our gun was live again.

We turned out most of the lights and ran around shooting each other. If we got shot five times, we had to recharge. #4 monitored the whole game. She gave us a countdown when time was running out, and then gathered all of us to announce the scores. The all-girls team had SIX points! But the co-ed team had EIGHT! I made at least 20 hits, so I think the scoring was a little off. But we had a great time of it! Thanks for thinking of a great activity #5.


VickieG said...

I love the imagination of little children; I would never have come up with that free laser tag idea. Kudos to #4 & #5.

Min said...

And Kent looks thrilled.