Thursday, January 19, 2012

The "Pleage of Alegenst"

#4 (second grade) might not be the best speller yet, but at least she is patriotic.

I found this old gift bag hanging from a mini American flag on the shelf in her room. Now that she has written the words, the pledge is a cinch. I've even caught her and #5 facing this bag and reverently reciting the pledge with their hands on their hearts and their attention on the Stars and Stripes.

A couple months ago, in the same patriotic spirit, #5 (Kindergarten) broke out singing the National Anthem while he accompanied me for an errand in the Assistant Director's office at his school. There was a poster displaying a photo of the flag, and #5 just couldn't help himself. When he finished singing, I gave him a hug, and the A.D. commented on how much he loves that song.

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Our family said...

Witches stand. Ha ha ha! Awesome.