Monday, January 16, 2012

A No-School Holiday

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone.

Here's a look at how my kids spent their free day.

#4 hung out with her siblings and colored and made cookies.

#2 went surfing.

#1 made baby shower invitation with her friends. They are throwing a shower for their Church leader who recently adopted a newborn.

#s 3 and 5 played with friends...who like to use people as canvases. (#5 was happy to be the Spider King all day.)

I spent two hours making the kitchen cleaner. (Not clean; just -er.) After two hours, I was happy to switch tasks and catch up on my work for ACHF (the foundation). Is it lame that my holidays are just days to do different work besides driving kids around all day? I did my work to an interview on the radio about the history of civil rights activism, which was interesting...and maybe the kids subconsciously learned a few things. Overall, it was nice to have a free day commemorating the mostly peaceful battle that made our country more free for all its citizens.

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Charlotte said...

Your MLK day was a lot more productive than mine. I MEANT to clean the kitchen...