Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Follow-Up to Birthday House

(How have two weeks flown by since my last post?! So much for my New Year's resolution.)

I thought I'd post a follow-up before moving on with more recent happenings. My last post Part 1 WAS Part Only. I made myself a Chinese New Year's dinner, and #4 made me a Chinese birthday hat and dragon mask. (Go year of the dragon!) The kids made a little bit of an effort to clean the house a little bit...and Kent rescued me from the mess by taking me out for a birthday treat. We tried a new place in Orem called Rollup Crepes. The atmosphere was fun, the crepes were good, but the Nutella hot chocolate was the best! Kent and I kept wondering as we sipped it down how we had never thought to add Nutella to that favorite cold-weather drink. I now have Nutella hiding in my cupboard for just that purpose. Mmmm...

We have since cleaned the house rather thoroughly--hosting two parties in one weekend will do that--and I have high hopes that we can maintain. So far we're at five days and counting!

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Charlotte said...

I recently saw a recipe for nutella hot chocolate and knew it was something I needed to try someday. Now I know I need to make it sooner rather than later.