Friday, September 25, 2009


My #3 loves to find loopholes in the system.

When she was five, #3 took to layering all her clothes, including her school uniform. In this stock photo, she is wearing a long sleeved polo shirt and slacks under a short sleeve polo and jumper dress under a skirt. She was never written up, but the next year in the school handbook, they had added a phrase about only cardigans and jumpers can be worn over other uniform pieces. I guess her creative outfits defeated their purpose for the tidy uniform look!

She found a more recent loophole at the beginning of this school year. For one of her first homework assignments, her second grade teacher directed, "Write ten sentences using words from the spelling list." #3 wrote a paragraph that was ten sentences long, and a few of those sentences included a spelling word. I think she used four of the words total. I mentioned, "I think your teacher wants you to write ten sentences with at least one spelling word in each and ten different spelling words altogether." Her reply: "But that's not what the directions say." I had to agree with her...and I wrote a note to the teacher advising her that #3 likes to find loopholes. The following week, the teacher's homework instructions said, "Write ten sentences with a different spelling word in each sentence." #3 complied. Last week she found another loophole. She earns "Johnson Dollars" from her teacher for good behavior. Five Johnson Dollars buys a homework pass, so if she earns $15 each week, she is home free from any spelling homework at all! She's really working that system now.

One more. On her math homework yesterday, she had to solve a logic problem: Frisky the cat is 4 years old. Tiger is 2 years older than Spot who is 3 years younger than Frisky. Find their ages. #3 did so. Then the directions said, "Explain how you found your answers." The idea was to write a few sentences about the process she went through to find the ages. Her answer: "I read the question carefully, and then my brain helped me a lot." I just laughed, tried to redirect her answer, and then had to agree that she had answered the question, which only asked "How?".

Looks like she has a promising legal career ahead of her!


Charlotte said...

That takes finding loopholes to a whole new level. That is awesome! I love that the school changed the handbook and the teacher reworded the assignments.

Alfie said...

Her desire to find loopholes combined with her persuasive selling skills looks like a promising career indeed!

Mindy S. said...

Hillarious! I love it!

Debra said...

There is something about this that I appreciate. It takes some pretty mature cognitive processing skills to do what she does. You're in BIG trouble with that one!