Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why Oh Why?

Why do I always forget how many questions a three-year-old can ask in one day...until I have a three-year-old? I wish I had prepared myself for the barrage.

After ten hours of interrogation yesterday, I nearly cracked. Here is a sampling of our latest conversations. My thoughts are in italics.

#5: Why can you drive?

Me: Because I'm a grown-up.

#5: And grown-ups can drive?

Me: Yes.

#5: Then where is Grandpa?

Me: That was random. At work.

#5: What does he do there?

Me: He works.


Finally, while he was watching me make dinner yesterday, I saw how he had trapped me with his constant questions.

Me (after answering the latest question): ...and please don't ask me any more questions. I can't answer anymore right now.

#5: Why?

Me (not realizing I was about to answer a question I had just asked him not to pose): Because I just can't... or my brain will explode. I'll still talk to you, but no more questions.

#5: Okay. This is not a question. I just will tell you something. Could you...?

My brain: KABOOM!!!

Luckily, my solution came today in the form of a two-year-old that I babysit during the school year. She and #5 were sitting behind me in the van, which is usually prime questioning time for #5. But guess who bore the brunt of the attack?! She did! I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I realized I could ignore the babbling because none of it was directed at me. And she, being two, just responds to all his questions by repeating the last few words, so #5 feels satisfied that someone is listening intently, even if she doesn't answer anything. I LOVE IT!


Charlotte said...

I so feel for you. I realized yesterday that I had tuned out my (almost) 3 year olds questions when he looked at me and asked "Because why?" Guess he decided my unlistening answer of "Because" wasn't a thorough enough explanation. I try to answer all the questions, but sometimes I HAVE to concentrate on something else (like cooking dinner or checking out at the store).

Our family said...

my favorite is when it's the same question over and over again. It usually relates to something happening at a certain time, and since my 3-year-old has no concept of time, "10 minutes", "next year" and "in a week" are all answers that are sure to bring on more questions of "When...?"