Monday, September 14, 2009

Play Those Pipes

Kent and I have very different tastes in music. There is some overlap of classy songs, but for a large part, I think his music is too loud and obnoxious. I do like almost all of his Latin music preferences, but I'm guessing that's because I don't know what the lyrics mean so I can't get offended.

Anyway... Kent has been out of town (and is back tonight!), so last night when I was driving home with the kids, I got to choose the radio station with no one in the front passenger seat to change it when I switched lanes. I thought I'd expose the children to some classical music and tuned into KBYU's Classical 89.1. We caught a program called "Pipe Dreams", which is devoted to organ music. Honestly, I'm not a big fan. But when my kids started complaining and requesting The Twilight Zone, I decided to be obstinate and stayed with the station. We tuned in at the beginning of an energetic, loud piece. This wasn't your Sunday morning Church organ. More like horror movie organ. A couple kids started whimpering and asking me to turn the scary music off. I answered that it wasn't scary music, it was organ music. (Here comes another dialogue.)

Them: "It sounds like vampire music."

Me: "It's not. This is the same instrument that Brother [So And So] plays at Church. He teaches this music at BYU. That's how much he likes it."

Them: "Brother [So And So] is a vampire?!"

Another of Them: "Now it sounds like scary-clown-at-the-carnival music. Oooooh! I'm a scary clown." Now they were laughing.

Their giggles continued mixed with remarks that I heard randomly through the piece, such as "Hey! This is The Twilight Zone!" and "Scooby Doo, where are you?" That one got me laughing too!

When the piece ended, I changed the channel, and they all begged me to turn it back! I'm glad they could enjoy it. (Or at least enjoy making fun of it!)

BTW, isn't that a cool picture?


mindy said...

I am also not a huge fan of organ music. David had some on recently and I was happy when it ended. I went to an organ concert in Prague that was pretty awesome, but mostly because it was live and in this old cathedral and you could really feel the music vibrate you all the way to your bones. I think it loses something in the broadcasting. I think you and I are probably both heavily biased toward the piano, too!

Charlotte said...

Organ music? Very scooby doo indeed!

JAKE and JENNI said...

Your kids crack me up!!! My coworkers give me such a hard time for being an "old lady" and playing the organ - I'll have to tell them my little neices and nephews like organ music... it's not just for old people!