Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Year's Favorite Mutant Vegetable

The harvest has begun! #5 and I picked 27 pounds of Roma tomatoes Monday morning, and by that evening, they had been transformed into quarts of spaghetti sauce sitting on my kitchen counter. All except for one tomato.

Kent called it Devil Tomato. I called it Wilbur.

See? Just put another little deformed tomato--notice the "pony tail"--on top and you have a cute little thing. Wilbur was "some tomato".

What can I say? We Whites, E.B. and me, like to save farm products from their natural fate.

Unfortunately, while my little Wilbur/devil tomato was saved from the sauce, the kids called dibs on eating its "arms" seconds after I took these photos. I didn't even get to put a little shirt on it. Sadly, s/he (or it?) is no longer with us. But my, homegrown tomatoes sure taste good!


Our family said...

I'm pretty sure you need to share your spaghetti sauce recipe now. Do you have a pressure cooker or how do you preserve it?

Mary said...

Yep, pressure cooker. I love that thing. Tomorrow I'm canning beets in it.

I'll post the recipe on the Cookbook Collaboration blog when I have a few spare minutes.

Pam Williams said...

Gotta say... something bizarre about personifying a tomato... And if you're interested in a great pickled beet recipe, let me know.

Carolyn said...

I'm so jealous! Out of four tomato plants, I have four tiny green tomatoes, and they've been tiny and green for weeks. I don't know what the problem is. And my beet leaves were looking really good, so I decided to dig a couple up, but that's all there was. No beets. Just good-looking leaves. Sigh...but I have zucchini like nobody's business.

VickieG said...

Freaky tomatoes are great! We are beginning to enjoy a harvest; however we don't have too many, so we will just eat them.

Paul said...

Looks like a red version of the marshmallow guy from Ghostbusters.