Sunday, August 7, 2011

How Funny He Is: Part 2

While I'm at it, I might as well record the other funny thing he said tonight.

We were playing the spray bottle game at Family Home Evening. This is where the person who is "it" thinks of an item from a particular category and points a spray bottle at the players as they each guess the item.

When Edwin was "it", he chose "Old Testament prophets" as the category. #5's first guess in the round was, "Thomas S. Monson, because he's really old." The next time it came around, I clarified that we were guessing prophets from the Bible before Christ was born. With an excited look of eureka, #5 jumped up with his hand in the air and said, "I know who it is!" Then his hand wilted and he scratched the top of his head with his index finger. "What is his name? I can't remember his name." After a moment of intense concentration: "Oh yeah! The guy with the gray hair!" We were already in a silly mood, and that put me over the top! "Well, at least we know he didn't mean Moses or Deborah!" I answered.

Bible humor is the best!

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Jenni said...

"cause he's really old" love it!