Sunday, August 7, 2011

He Doesn't Even Know How Funny He Is

Tonight while I was making dinner, #5 repeatedly expressed how hungry he was and that he couldn't wait any longer to eat. I gave him a banana, but five minutes later he was back at my side.

#5: Mom, I'm really hungry, so I can't help that I'm going to starting rhyming.

My thoughts: (Huh? Oh! He's heard us talk about how kids get whiny when they're hungry, but he thought we said kids get rhymy.)

#5: Truck, luck, duck. The duck in the truck had luck.

Then he did a little dance in place in the kitchen, obviously in a much better mood.

#5: That's silly, huh? 'Cause those words all rhyme.

And then under his breath: Truck, luck, duck, f***. Those all rhyme!

Me: Wow! Yes they do!

BTW, hearing swear words out of the innocent mouth of a five-year-old is just funny!


Our family said...

Oh, he is funny! I can totally see him dancing around and cussing in his cute little voice. He's my favorite nephew, at least on this side.

Jenni said...

hahaha that's hilarious!