Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Do you know what this picture means?

That's right! I have three hours to myself each weekday!

Oh yeah, it also means all five of my children are in school. !!!

Our charter school has grades K-8, making this the only school year that they all will attend the same school. (Are you noticing the word school popping up a lot? I'm pretty excited about this.) I've already over committed myself to helping at the school a lot this year. I even suggested to the eigth-grade language arts teacher that I might like to sit in on her class. They are studying some great thinkers and materials this year. I'll probably have to settle, though, for simply reading the poetry, essays, speeches, and books that she brings home, and then subject her to a re-hash of her classroom discussions. Maybe I'll call it our Family Dinnertime Book Club. (I should get extra credit for this.)

I am SO ready to return to the more normal schedule of bedtimes and morning alarm clocks. Now, how to fill those three, lonely hours? Maybe I'll catch up on everything I've put off for the past five years; my bathroom could certainly use a good cleaning!


Paul said...

Those are some BIG book bags! Does that mean they plan to do a lot of homework?

Mary said...

On the first day, the book bags are stuffed with school supplies for the classroom. After that, my kids carry around such things as opened cartons of milk that they didn't finish at lunch but are saving for later, and toys to play with at recess. :)

Charlotte said...

I am so jealous. I have one more year before my "free" time begins.