Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Kids Asked Me For Fashion Advice!

With the school's uniform policy and because I'm no fashionista, I've never cared--or even really realized--that my school-age children don't ask me for input about their outfits. I'm just grateful that they understand my reasons for requesting modesty and they have generally embraced that value for themselves.

Then Tuesday came, and they all wanted my fashion advice. I was flattered. Finally they viewed me as an trend expert. You see, they were celebrating "Decades Day" as part of School Spirit Week, and they needed to know all the weird things we did with our clothes in the '80s.

The memories came flooding back as I helped #1 layer two pairs of colorful socks and peg her pant legs. #2 went with a skirt over leggings. I think they both kind of thought the flipped up polo and jean jacket collars were kind of cool, even as they laughed about how dorky they looked. #2 was incredulous as she asked if my mom really helped me with side pony tails when I was younger, but #1 loved the big hair. I just wish she'd had bangs that I could hairspray into a fan. Hightops, parachute pants with stirrups, and long charm or bead necklaces would have been nice to have too.

I had to laugh with #3 who wanted to be from the 70s. She found some wide-legged jeans, a rocking T-shirt, and a denim jacket from her own wardrobe that all worked pretty well. All I had to do was feather her hair a bit and she was ready. Funny how those trends have come full circle.


Charlotte said...

It almost makes me sick when I go into a department store lately and think I've stumbled back to the 80's. Let's face it, it wasn't that great looking the first time around.

mindy said...

hahaha! Yay for denim! The part of the 80s that seems to be coming back is the neon colors, which I think I'm just too old to appreciate. (Though I loved me some hot hot pink back in the day!) I'm laughing right now remembering one of my favorite outfits at 13. Hot pink long tee shirt with black writing all over it, black leggings. Was I cool or what?

Jenni said...

Your girls are so cute! I remember hating the side ponytails because my head felt "unbalanced"!