Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Bet You Didn't Know...

...that Friday was Hug Your Cat Day.

My calendar from Oriental Trading Co. marks all the absurd "holidays". When #3 saw that cats had a day, she made sure Brownie felt special.

Brownie is our outdoor cat. She/he (I've never looked closely enough to know) adopted our family a few years ago. Brownie loves attention and will put up with all sorts of abuse--I mean "affection"--from my kids. Sometimes she/he even pretends to want to hunt mice. The pouncing pose usually turns to disinterest though, which then just leads to a cat nap.

#3 decided Brownie needed a day's respite from napping in the shade of our blue spruce on a gorgeous June afternoon, and so made up accommodations in her younger siblings' bedroom. She made a bed in the cat carrier and set a flimsy cardboard box filled with kitty litter nearby. Then she got to work convincing the cat to come inside. Brownie will sometimes take a few steps into the house when he/she can hear us scooping food. However, if the door ever gets closed behind him/her, we have a very nervous cat on our hands.

When I overheard #3 whisper to #5 that she had "finally caught the cat" and it was now trapped in his room, I had to interject.

With what turned out to be a prophetic statement, I said to #3, "If that cat poops on the carpet, you'll get to clean it up."

She did.

And Brownie was soon returned to the great outdoors.


Carolyn said...

Hmmm...Friday was also National Donut Day. I prefer to celebrate that.

Charlotte said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate hug a cat day to me!