Monday, May 24, 2010

Evolution of a Blog

I've noticed that a lot of my friends' blogs go through more or less the same development. They begin as an online scrapbook of photos memorializing family events and kids' accomplishments. Every child's birthday is recorded with a post about what an important part that child is in the family. Then more random posts start dropping in showing the humor of parenthood. These types of posts are usually accompanied by the blogger's (usually a female) musings about life, politics, favorite memories, the future, etc.

My blog has followed a similar evolution, and now it has reached a stage of me not knowing what to post and not having much time to post even if I think of something. I'll call this the stagnant stage. From here, I predict that this blog will either fizzle or become fresh and fun and draw a huge following. In the meantime, I apologize for the inactivity. My lack of time on the internet means my family and house are getting more of my attention, so I can only apologize with partial sincerity to be neglecting my blog.

I'll wrap up with a tangent. Did you know that May 30 is "My Bucket's got A Hole In it Day"? Why would anyone want to recognize such a day, and what kind of person takes the time to get that day officially on the calendar? Weird.

I just looked it up. It's based on a drinking song, so I guess that explains some of my question.


Our family said...

Booooo! Keep blogging! I was just thinking today about how so many of the blogs I read have fizzled and wondering why mine hasn't. I also was thinking about how mine has almost turned into a history of what I'm eating. Maybe my excitement for food overpowers my interest in accomplishing cleaning, parenting, etc.

mindy said...

My blog is also at "stagnant" stage. Even when I have energy and time to think of fun stuff to blog, I don't usually find the energy or time to actually sit down and blog it. Though I posted something FABULOUS today. :o) I've been going for 4 years almost, though, but I'm going to keep it going, even if just for my own enjoyment.

Pam Williams said...

I once received a card from a friend wishing me a Happy "Rent a Cat" Week.

My blog, too, is the victim of some neglect, and has been in the middle of some controversy lately, but it's a way of forcing myself to write, even if it's a short observation instead of some profoundly startling revelation. And I've got no excuse for not posting regularly. I've got the time, but my attention span too often gets fragmented.

Charlotte said...

I love watching blogs evolve. I hate the awkward teenage stage, were it tries to decide what it will be when it grows up. I vote for fresh and fun and huge following!!