Thursday, May 6, 2010

...Outside the Box: Exercise

Years ago we bought a gym membership...that we never used. Well, maybe three or four times, which "works out" (ha!) to something like $200 per visit. Luckily, we were able to sell it and recoup some of that cost. A year later we got into the "Body For Life" program, and I still use its basic concepts for exercise, though my routine is slightly different than most people's. In the room we call our office, we have a weight set and Cardioglide (like the Health Rider machine that was so popular 20 years ago). Every other day I get an aerobic workout while watching downloaded episodes of American Idol or SYTYCD on the computer. The other days I listen to classical music or downloaded radio shows while I do some weight training. I can't watch a show while I'm working with dumbbells because half the time I'm lying down.

Kent also has a unique workout. He bought a mini trampoline last year at the advice of his mom. It's been great to keep in our TV room. "Jogging" for 40 minutes while we watch a show is an easy way to dovetail downtime with workout time. The kids frequently just bounce for fun. I've even used the trampoline as part of a clean-up game. (That would make another good "...Outside the Box" post.)

Kent's preferred exercise is to shower and get dressed for the day, then watch music video clips on YouTube while he bounces. (The laptop is hooked up to the TV.) I'm glad he's getting his blood moving, but it creates a major distraction for the kids who are supposed to be eating breakfast and running out the door at that time. Still it's fun. His favorite "workout videos" are anything by OK Go, U2, or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


Charlotte said...

I think you were doing body for life way back when I loved by you! We have a mini trampoline, and we have a blast with it, although the kids use it more than I do. Maybe I should give it a try, too.

mindy said...

AAaaaaiieeeee! My eyes!

And aren't you supposed to shower AFTER the exercise?

Mary said...

Mindy--When I first saw your "AAaaaaiieeeee!" in my email, I got really worried that I had accidentally uploaded the video of Kent bouncing on the trampoline in his unders. SO glad I got the right clip.

Your second point is mine too. I'm not sure how much of a workout he gets when he doesn't work up a sweat.