Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I know I do a lot of these posts, so I'm sorry if you get bored with them. I think they're funny and it's my blog anyway!

This morning when I woke up #4, she was very lucid and said, "Can I just finish this dream first? It's almost over." I think that's pretty cool that her dreams run like TV shows! Three minutes later she said, "Okay, it's done. I'll get up now."

After the girls had gone to school, I was eating breakfast with #5 who asked me, "Who lives under the sea?" Thinking I would be funny, which usually backfires with this little guy, I answered, "Spongebob Squarepants." He sucked in his breath with a warning look on his face and stated, "Then Spongebob Squarepants is going to get eaten by a shark."

A little while later, Kent joined us and while he and I were talking, #5 interrupted with, "You're getting married today."

Me: We are?

#5: No, just you. Not Dad.

Me: I'm getting married but not to Dad? Then who will I marry?"

#5: I don't know.

Kent: Is Mom getting married because it's Wednesday Wedding Day?

Then Kent explained that while I was gone last night, he told #5 about Wednesday Wedding Day and #5 wants to marry me so he can sleep with us. When I don't want kids crawling into bed with me, I usually tell them it's because that space is reserved for Kent because I only sleep with my husband.

So #5 proceeded to tell me more about my wedding day today. Then he paused, pointed to the east end of the kitchen, raised his eyebrows and informed us, "The toilet is downstairs." His next sentence two seconds later: "I am going to your wedding to see the fish. There is a pond and a river there with fish."

I know little kids are random, but should I be concerned about this kid's mental health?

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Charlotte said...

And I didn't even buy you a wedding gift. All my kids went through the I'm going to marry you phase. Then they moved on to marrying siblings.