Thursday, October 8, 2009


I found this "iPod" in my daughters' room. I'm so glad they can now quit asking for one. I'm also glad I won't care if this accidentally ends up in the washing machine. I think the earbuds are a disposable pair that Kent got on a JetBlue flight at some point. Looks like the girls got some tunes on there already. Should it make me feel old that I don't recognize some of the songs on this paper iPod?

Luckily, we do have some real electronics that make our life easier...except for those times when the only quiet place to set up work is on the water storage in the furnace room. Poor Kent!

(Real story: The wireless something on the laptop isn't working, so he had to connect directly into some box in the furnace room. I know, I'm so well-versed in tech speak. The kids wouldn't let him kick them off the PC, so he resorted to that sad little corner of the house.)


nate said...

Hey, at least your kids' version of an ipod is a lot less expensive than the real ones.

Charlotte said...

That takes some imagination, especially if they get it to work. I hope the you fixed the wireless problem before Kent got all kinds of cricks in his neck or pains in his back!

mindy said...

Sheesh, and David feels sorry for himself for being forced "under the eaves" in the bedroom for his at home office. I think he's got it pretty good! ;o)

Love the iPod.

JAKE and JENNI said...

haha - your girls are so creative! I love this! (almost as much as a paper swimsuit!)