Monday, October 26, 2009

It's That Time of Year

With elections coming up next week, I've been getting candidates' brochures in the mail a lot. Last week I got one from a mayoral candidate that focused on his opponent's track record of switching political parties. I guess in our very dominantly Republican valley, pointing out that someone is not a true-blue Republican will ruffle some voters, and maybe that would have been the case for me in the past. But now I find myself thinking that if I were a candidate and didn't feel a strong allegiance to either party, I would probably switch because a candidate in any party besides the big two doesn't have a chance. So maybe this guy just wants to accomplish some good things as a public servant and doesn't care about party loyalty. That's fine with me. Besides, the mayor's race is non-partisan, so who cares if he's an elephant or a donkey?

I'm pleased to discover that I have no strong ties to either party anymore. I just want candidates and elected officials who will represent my interests, which are hopefully aligned with the majority of citizens, and who will make changes for the better. Do I consider myself an Independent? Maybe. I doubt I'll be voting straight party ticket anymore.


mindy said...

I'm more of a crooked ticket voter myself. ;o)

Charlotte said...

Sounds like if you only vote for the candidates you want (as per your description) you will never vote again.

I'm becoming more of a crooked ticket voter, too (I like that phrase and may just steal it from Mindy). Unfortunately my options seem to always be crooks.