Saturday, June 23, 2012

Down By the River Part 2

Three years ago I posted about our first experience playing in the river near our home.  We've enjoyed lots more visits to the river, but this year we found a rope swing that hasn't been pulled down yet.

On Saturday, #1 was invited to an evening swim party, and #5 fell into a fit of pathetic sobbing because he wanted to go swimming too.  Normally, we, his parents, don't give in to crying; but his tears must have struck a chord with Kent who offered to take him to the river.  We grabbed some towels and camp chairs and drove two minutes to the bottom parking lot of the Provo River Trail.  The rope swing is about 3/4 of a mile upstream, so we enjoyed a nice evening walk together, too.

The wind picked up as we reached the water, but the children were only briefly deterred by the icy water and cooling air.  Truly, it sounds more windy in the video than it was.

Kent and I figured that kids would naturally know to let go of the rope, but that was not a safe assumption to make.  #4 just dragged into the water and then hung there, not wanting to get all the way wet.  We didn't bring a life jacket, which was also adding to the hesitancy.  Once they figured out to stuff swim noodles in their bathing suits, though, they all four had a great time.

Kent and I had fun watching them and laughing with them.  We love living so close to the lake and river.  I'm including a few photos of the scenery that I enjoy here when I ride my bike in the mornings.  Enjoy!

And, of course, the first scenery I had upon entering my house.  This is in the kitchen.  The kids all stripped pretty quickly to go rinse off in a warm shower.


Our family said...

OK, we totally need to go there with you guys. That looked awesome. All of us got a good laugh out of the video, especially about Heber's life jacket

Our family said...

OK, we totally need to come do that with you guys. It looks like a blast. My kids all got a good laugh out of that video, especially #5's "life jacket"

Mary said...

I'm thinking Cousin Camp!

Charlotte said...

It was fun to see your kids jumping in. We have the swimsuits all over the house problem, too. And they keep the towels in the car until we smell permanently musty.

mindy said...

Ooh, is it still there, I wonder? Maybe we can take our kids next week!

Anonymous said...

I love that place! Me and my friends go like every week!