Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking YouTube by Storm

My kids keep popping up on YouTube. You might recall #1's role in the Techno Jeep stop motion video. Well, I didn't recall #2's part in a String Cheese Ad that was filmed at her school. Have a look. She is in the background at 14 secs and 21 secs (on the right, behind the kid stringing his cheese).


Over the weekend, a friend sent me a link to the new Salt Lake Pops Orchestra music video featuring David Osmond's voice and Aubree Oliverson on violin. It is a remix of Katy Perry's "Firework". I like the remix way better than the original. David's voice is great; I like what the SL Pops is doing to make classical instruments contemporary; and I like that they are featuring young, talented musicians. The day after I first watched it, #1 casually mentioned that the music video she had helped with (as a background person) was up on YouTube. We looked it up, and there was this Firework video again! (July 4 seemed like a timely release.) She pointed herself out in the school's hallway, and then it panned to a shot of David singing. I asked her if he had been there actually singing his part while they filmed. "Yeah. So?" "Did you get his autograph?" "No. Why?" "Because he's Utah famous!" She had no idea who he was, so I reminded her that he had been on American Idol (not top 20 or whatever, though), but she didn't seem impressed. She agreed that he has a nice voice, but that's where her fanaticism ends. In frustration I flopped down on the couch: "This reminds me of the time your dad said Beto Cuevas [the lead singer of La Ley, my favorite Latin band and possibly my favorite band ever, which is saying something] and Adam Lambert have stayed and sung at the very same orphanage we stay at in Mexico, but we always miss them!"

All these little brushes with the few people I care about in the music business, and my family members treat it all oh so casually. I should just stick to revering Vivaldi and Liszt. Then I'll never get worked up about possibly ever meeting them! (They're dead.)

Anyway, here's the music video. The links to other Salt Lake Pops Orchestra videos and Lindsey Stirling are good, too. Look for #1 at 9 secs (her backside) and 18 secs (now walking behind the violinist) and 23 secs. She's wearing a white T-shirt. The other 4 min. are worth watching too!



Jenni said...

Dang snap! You're kids are so talented! You should save these videos for posterity. (I can rip them for you if you want)

I recognize the hallway in the music video - was that filmed at MVHS?

Mary said...


Yep, my kids are great at gawking and walking in the background! ;o)

Kent could probably rip them, too, but if you'll go ahead and do it, then I know for sure it's done. (Kent's pretty busy with work these days.)

And yes, the David Osmond piece was filmed at your Alma Mater. Here's another SLC Pops video. This was filmed at the shredded greenhouse thing on Geneva Road. It actually makes a pretty cool backdrop. It's "Grenade" sung by Alex Boye': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMhL_QIyD1k