Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recent photos

I snapped these two photos last week when the weather turned cold. I didn't pay much attention to the camera settings because I was trying to save the moment without freezing to the bone.

The first is the view out my dining room window. Mt. Timpanogos looks like it is floating in the darkening sky.

Shortly after I took the first picture, I heard little voices outside and discovered my younger kids blowing bubbles as if it were perfectly balmy out there. #4 blew this big bubble that should have burst on contact with the pine needles, but instead it nestled there for a good 90 seconds, or more. I thought it made for an ironic photo.


Pam Williams said...

Outstanding photos! If I were a photographer I think I'd try to do a book called "The Many Moods of Timpanogos" and capture something from every day of the year. And I think about the people who first lived in this valley with that mountain standing watch over them. Were they too busy, like we sometimes are, to look up and enjoy a moment of natural beauty?

Charlotte said...

That bubble is totally cool. It just had a strong will to live.