Saturday, April 17, 2010

One of Those Days

Today started out very nice with sunshine and events with friends. And then it gradually went downhill, picking up speed this evening. Kent and I had a few rounds of miscommunication followed by rounds of letting each other down. Events that I've looked forward to all week fell through. I also have to acknowledge that my hormones are probably out of whack. I've found that with my latest birthday my hormonal moods get more dramatic and devastating than they used to. I hate feeling out of control of my emotions!

Anyway, I went for a drive...and food...and a period of meditation while I parked behind the temple and curled up in a blanket. And that combination of quiet, solitude, physical nourishment, and prayer helped restore my calm.

I am also grateful for the friends God puts in my path on days like today. I had a similar depressing episode a few months ago. Both times, out of the blue, friends came by and others phoned me to see how I was doing or to just say hi. My life's history with friends has been that I am the strong one who lends a listening ear. It is uncomfortable for me to be on the other side of that; I really don't know how to confide my problems to another female. But I truly appreciate those who take a minute to let me know they are thinking of me, especially since I recognize it can be awkward to be in a relationship with me because of my poor communication skills. I am also grateful that Heavenly Father has placed these dear people in my life to let me know He loves me.

I am looking forward to a Sabbath day of peace and sunshine tomorrow.


Charlotte said...

I hate those sort of days. I love those sort of friends. Hope today was better!

mindy said...

Aw, I'm sorry you had such a rough day...especially when it sounded so promising! Hooray for friends, and for quiet reflection, blankets, and temples. :o)

Pam Williams said...

Support systems make all the difference, and it's all part of the Plan. The older I get the more grateful I am for the people God puts into my life. It's a tender mercy that reflects His overwhelming love.

VickieG said...

Like mother, like daughter. :)