Friday, December 18, 2009

Cute or Gruesome?

 A few minutes ago I decided it was too quiet and I'd better check on the youngest two. I heard their voices from inside their room, so I opened the door expecting to see a mess of goop of some sort. (A closed door hiding two quiet children is never good, right?) Instead, I found them dressed up in dance outfits with dolls and stuffed animals arranged around them. I went to grab my camera to capture this cute playtime "picnic", which was slightly enhanced by the fact that my boy was wearing a dance leotard and a tutu on his head. When I came back with the camera, I realized the picnic was not with their dolls. It was of their dolls. They were pretending to be lions that were eating the prey they had just hunted. But at least they were being quiet!
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JAKE and JENNI said...

That is SO CUTE!!! Jake and I busted out laughing that they were eating their dolls! Lions! Classic!

mindy said...

hahaha!! I love #4's face as she bites the doll!

spadaclan said...

I'm not sure I should say this but I am going to anyway - Only your Kids!!