Monday, January 5, 2009

The Treasure Trove

Am I the only one who gets out of bed at 6:00 a.m. to clean out the couch cushions? Let me tell you, it's an interesting way to start the day. The picture shows everything I pulled out of the couch. I know it looks like all that accumulated over a decade, but honestly, I clean out the cushions at least once each year. Here's what I found this time:

A lot of garbage (candy wrappers, popcorn, paper). Not very surprising.
Just as many crayons, pens, pencils...and a ruler and a protractor.
A couple handfuls of hair clips, barrettes, ponytail holders...and two combs!
Puzzle pieces, game pieces and cards for various games.
Some atypical items, including a drumstick, a recorder (in three pieces), a stone coaster, a book, a DVD...
...and my two favorite finds--a pine cone and a rubber duckie!

At one point I started getting really excited that I might find the missing TV remote and/or my pressure cooker regulator cap. But no. However, the hour wasn't a total loss. For once I got paid for doing housework! I found a $2 bill and $1.25 in lost change! Woo hoo!


Our family said...

That's gross. Fun to find money though. My visiting teacher always loses her keys and ends up looking in the couch for them, so I have to clean mine out every other month or so. It's terrible.

Charlotte said...

At this rate you will be able to afford a new car or something in about 1000 years!

I am always finding bizarre things under my cushions. And, strangely enough, I just found my pressure cooker cap today in a box I forgot to unpack full of random leftovers from the old house!

I only find remotes for electronics after the said electronic gets broken or updated.

Mary said...

Charlotte--We gave away the TV that matches the lost remote last year, so I was sure Murphy's Law would guarantee that I would find the remote. I can't even imagine at this point where it could be. (Though we do usually find some random things in the backyard after the snow melts in spring!)

nate said...

Seriously Mary - That is disgusting!

I am going to use that picture in a presentation on why it is important to keep your code base clean and well-maintained --- so you don't end up having to deal with a mess like that! :)