Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Sweet Princess

Baby #4 turned five years old today. I can't believe I only have a few more months of being home with her every day before she starts Kindergarten. She is a wonderfully sweet and funny child, and she plays so well with her little brother. We'll both miss her come September.

But for now, we'll make good use of the time. When she woke up this morning, her sisters sang "Today it is your birthday and we sing to let you know that you will be queen for the day. Whatever you say goes." (From a Barbie movie soundtrack, in case you
missed the reference because your house isn't full of little girls.) So we all treated her like a princess all day. I gave her hair a trim and a style--and it only took three handfuls of gel and a few dozen squirts of hairspray to make the curls last all day. She was so thrilled with the result--phew!--that we did a little glamour photo shoot afterward. One of her friends share the exact birthday, so she went to that party, which had a princess theme, and wore her dress-up dress all day. She got her favorite pizza for dinner and a cake (that didn't turn out so well) with candles. Making the birthday wish is really the point of the cake anyway, right? Her White cousins surprised her with a visit and balloons, which are always a favorite
for her.

She is such a gracious and loving little person. Truly a princess who brings joy to our home. We love her dearly.

Happy birthday Gooferdoof.
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Our family said...

Happy Birthday! She looks so cute and so royal. What a fun idea to make her queen for a day.

Debra said...

Nothing is sweeter than a birthday princess, especially one with such pretty hair. I'll bet birthdays at your house are looked forward to all year.

amy shakes said...

Thanks for letting us crash your party. Lucy had a lot of fun picking out the balloons.

Paul said...

What a beauty! And so smart, too.

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday!! The hair turned out really cute!!