Sunday, January 4, 2009

At The Races

When we moved here, the previous owners said they sometimes had people stop by who wanted to see the house or know about it. It's one of the perks/quirks of this home. We had a great quirky perk last Wednesday. Tuesday night, a complete stranger asked if she could use our garage as the registration spot for her club's New Year's Eve Fun Run. They had a different route planned originally, but the roads there were too icy. The new route happened to begin and end at our intersection. She expected ten or 12 runners, so I said they could just use our front room where it's warmer. Well, they got a better turnout than planned, and I counted at least 30 people here. Rather than use her folding table,
they used my dining table for registration and refreshments afterward. They covered everything in the front room with plastic and they all gathered there for awards. The port-a-potty came late and left early, so I was very glad that I had cleaned the bathroom. The children who ran in the 200 meter (not 200K) were able to warm up in front of some PBS shows while the adults mingled. I'm really glad they could use my home. It was warm and was probably more inviting than a frozen picnic table in a park. Three of my girls entered the 200 meter (free of charge) and won first and second places in their age categories. And I got a restaurant gift certificate for hosting. It was a fun way to spend the last day of the year.
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Paul said...

You guys get involved in some really interesting situations - and you didn't even mention it when you were here the next day!

Charlotte said...

Wow, talk about going with the flow. Do people stop by because of some local history or just the interesting design?

mindy said...

That's cool. I thought it would've been a fun thing to do, but I had visions of slipping on ice and going into early labor, so I opted to stay home. :o) Glad it went well. Good to know you are so easy going... ;o)

Sylwia Lipinska Hardman said...

that really cool!

Our family said...

200K? And they're done already? I'd be impressed with a 5K!

Mary said...

Dad--No one asked if I had hosted a race, so it never came up. :-)

Charlotte--I think it's both. This house was one of the only ones out here for about 50 years, and everyone would drive by it on the way to the lake. I've known a few people who know our house just because they've driven by since they were children. Plus it doesn't look like any other house in our neighborhood. It looks like it belongs in the mountains.

Mindy--Yeah, I'm easy going about 30 strangers coming over...but no one better spill anything sticky on the floor or else! ;o)

Christy--You're right. 200K doesn't make sense. It must have been the 200-meter. The organizer called it wrong all day, so that's what stuck in my head.