Monday, October 27, 2008

We Miss You Grandpa

My Grandpa Al passed away two Thursdays ago. We attended his funeral Saturday, and it's given me time to reflect on his life and on the Plan of Salvation. I am grateful to know that his death is just the next step in his progression, and to know that he welcomed that next step, which freed him from illness. I have many childhood memories of being with Grandpa. My earliest is when I was probably three years old, and Grandpa kept sneaking fudge bars from his garage freezer for me. Through the years, he took me fishing, introduced me to liverwurst, complimented my sewing, came to my piano recitals, and always answered my phone calls with such exuberance that I felt like he was celebrating my voice: "It's Mary! How are you Mary?! It's so good to hear from you." My strongest impression of Grandpa Al is how much he loved family. He stayed involved in our lives and he organized family reunions for hundreds of relatives. When I cried at his passing, it was because I will miss him. But I am glad that he is well and with loved ones, and that I will be with him again some future day.

This picture is from last year when we visited my grandparents around Labor Day. Not a great picture of my kids, but my Grandpa is cute. He was trying to get #3 to smile.
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Charlotte said...

I'm sorry. Glad you've found comfort, though.

mindy said...

That's really neat, Mary. My grandparents all died long before I was married/had kids, and it makes me sad not to have a bit of that legacy to pass on. David still has one grandparent on each side, but I don't know if our kids will have the chance to meet their Great Grandpa Manuel in CA as he doesn't travel much and we don't seem to lately, either. I've never met him. I think that picture is really sweet. He looks like a perfect grandpa. And I love how he answered the phone. Maybe I'll try and answer with more enthusiasm. :o)

VickieG said...

Loved your tribute Mary. He really was a great grandpa wasn't he. Thanks for being at the funeral, I thought you all did a wonderful job.
Love, Mom