Thursday, October 9, 2008

Key To the White House

Are you sick of my punny post titles yet? Yeah, me neither. ;o)

Well, my sister has me a little freaked out about protecting my children's identities. (The post that explains this is at So I've changed their names to their favorite colors, for the purposes of this blog. (I hope I don't have to delete any of your comments, but I may if they include real names.) Here is the key to help you decode our family:

K = Blue
M = Pink
A = Magenta
G = Purple
H = Green

I was pretty impressed that when I was asking their favorite colors, H knew what we were doing and piped up with, "Reen!"

So, can anyone figure out why I went with colors to represent our family?


mindy said...

Uh, maybe 'cuz you're the _____ and, seriously, how plain is that? ;o)

(Honestly, though, I'm a bit envious of your's a lot easier to find first names that don't clash when you have something NON ethnic. As much as I love Dieter and Klaus, they just don't work with our last name. Though Joaquin is still an option...)

Charlotte said...

I was private for a long time, but finally went public. I still don't understand the whole nickname thing. If they are going to watch your kids, does it matter what name they think while doing it? Anyway, from what I understand there aren't any instances of kids being taken advantage of from blogs. Why when it is much easier to contact vulnerabble kids directly from facebook and what not?

Mary said...

I've always wondered how closely I need to protect my kids' identities. I gave out their names for an alumni directory a few weeks ago, and have been a little nervous about it ever since. We also recently had an attempted kidnapping a few blocks away, so I'm easily spooked lately. When my sister posted the following on her blog, I decided it's not hard to disguise their names, so I might as well:

"We have a relative who once worked for the Internet Against Children Crimes Task Force and he was pretty emphatic about us not putting our kids' pictures and names on the site. He says apparently there really are people who will randomly find blogs, then stalk children and use the information written about them on the blogs to lure them in."

If anything, at least I have more peace of mind about the whole matter.

Mindy, I honestly wanted to have a son named Titus, but as the title to my previous post suggests, that would invite some teasing. But yes, there isn't much that clashes with White. (There are so many Whites that I think I can put that name out there.)

Paul said...

You're just lucky that none of your kids have the same favorite color!! (Hi, I'm Burnt Sienna, and this is my sister, Chartreuse, and this is my other sister, Chartreuse...")

Love, Dad

Mary said...

If anyone bothers to check this post again, now you get to know why they have colors for names. When you combine the colors of light, you get white. Get it?

Kent says colors are too confusing, so I'll also combine their birth order number with their favorite color.