Monday, September 9, 2013

Still Photos Don't Quite Do It Justice

Two posts about the same event?  I know, it's unusual.  But so was this flood.  I guess if Provo gets rain like this twice per century, I can double post about that often too.

This video shows the erosion of Grandview Hill, which is only a few minutes from our home.  Ironically, our emergency preparedness plan has always included the idea that we would head to the Grandview Hill neighborhood if ever we should flood.  We just always expected a flood to come from a broken dam up Provo Canyon and down the river to us.  20 minutes of heavy rain never crossed our minds.

Kent and I drove around Provo and Orem a bit after the rain had stopped.  It was interesting to see fallen trees, flooded parking lots, broken branches, smashed roofs, and mud/mulch slides.  My kids' school backs up to Grandview Hill, and they had mudslides on the property, but luckily no damage to structures.  I know it's small stuff compared to what hurricanes and tidal waves do, but it's still amazing to see this kind of water damage in a high mountain desert.  A lot of homes had flooding and others lost vehicles to toppled trees.  I feel fortunate that we enjoyed the storm with only a leaky door.  Also fortunate that basements aren't allowed in our part of the city.

Here are a few other guys who felt fortunate in the storm, mostly because they had wakeboards and a pickup truck on hand.  Nate, this video is for you.  I especially like the jumps off the picnic table at about 1 min. 15 sec.!

The ordinance for that retail area says No Skateboarding; it says nothing about No Wakeboarding!


Our family said...

Yeah, that's pretty awesome! We didn't get rain like that in Riverton


VickieG said...

These videos are crazy. Specially disheartening to see the asphalted road give way. Glad I wasn't affected by it. Thanks for sharing.