Saturday, September 28, 2013

Out and About Two

On last night's news I saw a photo of a car wearing ten inches of snow in the same area of the Uintas where we went backpacking five weeks ago.  Gotta' love Utah weather!

The snowy car reminded me that I should post some driving-around pictures from last winter before this next one comes on.  (I wonder if my kids would like to dress as Eskimos this Halloween?)

My youngest children and I were driving home from some late-afternoon errands last February, and we saw the neighbor kids hard at work in the church parking lot.  I couldn't resist pulling in to see their snow fort with its system of tunnels.  I'm so glad these kids weren't wasting their time playing video games after school because this is what childhood is made of!

See the discarded backpack (below)?  I love that these kids never made it home from school.  The snow pile was too tempting!
It's a good thing my own children were already dressed for the weather because I doubt I could have made them miss any of the fun by taking 20 more seconds to find some gloves at home.
Piles of snow are great, and powdery, crystalline flakes on my deck are pretty.

There is something about driving in the pre-dawn hours that I really love.  I like the quiet streets and the anticipation of a new day.  These next two pictures were taken after I dropped my high schooler off for an early Seminary morningside.

My phone's camera had a hard time capturing the brightness of the setting full moon in morning's twilight.  It was hanging there like a silver ball in the clear sky.  Beautiful!

These ducks cutting across a parking lot reminded me of a cute, old couple out for their daily exercise.  (If they were a young couple still in a fixated state of infatuation, the man would not be waddling along ahead of his lady.)

As a former member of the OHS and BYU Marching Band color guards, my eye is pretty quick to catch people in uniform rehearsing.  I was at the city offices last spring, which share a building with the Police Department, when through a window I saw the honor guard rehearsing their presentation.  This type of discipline and precision make me grateful for civilization.  I don't think I would have been very happy as a cavewoman.
While I'm on the topic--of color guards, not Ice-Age people--here's a picture of me and Kent in uniform back in our college days.  Though our home is several miles away, I can sometimes hear the drum line practicing outside the stadium.  The sound of football season always takes me back to those good memories.


Pam Williams said...

Most of these pictures make me shiver! I'm not ready for winter!

VickieG said...

Love that you are catching the beauty of life. Keep up the good work.