Monday, April 2, 2012

Every Six Months

This past weekend was the 182nd annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church holds this conference each April and October. My family has found that if we are engaged in activities that don't require too much brain power, we can listen to the conference speakers and get more from their messages than if we simply sit and listen (and fall asleep). I like to also study the talks in the Church's Ensign magazine and online in between conferences.

Because General Conference occurs every six months, some people assign bi-annual chores to that weekend as a way to remember to do them. My oldest daughters, for example, rotate bed assignments in their room, which ensures they each get a turn at the top bunk, and they each have to deal with the trundle for six months. Some of my neighbors rotate their water storage on Conference weekends.

I cleaned out my fridge this weekend.

What you see is 14 plastic containers that were recently holding moldy and decomposing food. I figured that both of you who read this blog would appreciate seeing the containers rinsed and ready to sanitize, rather than with their contents. You're welcome.

Truthfully, I do clean out my refrigerator more frequently than twice per year. It's at least three times. Also truthfully, I just couldn't sit still during Conference. Staying busy kept my mind focused. As a result, I now have alphabetized spices, organized pots and pans, and a greater testimony of my role as a mother, the pattern of family, and the Atonement and mercy of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It's been a good weekend.


Pam Williams said...

Our way of paying attention and remembering what we heard is to do jigsaw puzzles.

VickieG said...

Whatever works is good. I am thrilled to see so many clean plastic containers. And to think you helped take apart a deck to boot. WOW