Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Warning: Political Content

I don't post about politics too often, so if you don't want to hear my little rant, stop reading now.

I am not a fan of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare. Not only do I think the government has no right to dictate our healthcare requirements and benefits, but this act has affected our family personally.

A few years ago, after shopping for family health insurance, that would still protect us , we found a plan that we could afford, would protect us from severe medical problems, and let us continue with our doctors--albeit with a $10,000 deductible. Less than a year later, ObamaCare was passed and our monthly premium jumped 150% WITH NO CHANGE IN OUR BENEFITS. To get the benefits that President Obama promised to everyone (free annual checkups, etc.), we would have to pay an additional $50 per month. ObamaCare has been costing us an additional $1,800 per year. It hurts those small-business owners like us who are trying to turn around this rotten economy by creating jobs. I swear, the president and federal government in general want us on their dole to increase their power. ObamaCare was an attempt in that direction, directly and indirectly. We refused to cancel our insurance and get on government-subsidized healthcare, but I would bet that other families in our situation either switched to government healthcare or accepted free school lunches, etc. to offset the increased cost.

Now for the reason for the timing of this rant. I take any chance I get to fight ObamaCare. When it was first signed, I added my name to a couple of petitions, one of which was collected on the internet, printed on stacks of paper, and delivered to congress on a stretcher. I thought that was a nice touch.

One of the political watchdog groups I pay attention to, Grassfire Nation, sent this link to a new petition calling for the repeal of Obamacare. It's geared toward seniors, but anyone can sign it. If this is an issue you care about, I encourage you to sign this clearly stated petition here.

Ahh, there. I just stepped back down from the soap box. Now I need to go set a doctor appointment for #3 to have her swollen toes looked at. I anticipate he'll tell me--for $115--that it's nothing to worry about. (One toe on each foot, but not the big toes, has swollen and been red/bluish red for over a month now. I'm worried they're infected. It's finally worth $115 to me to know what's going on.)

Update: After finishing this post, I read my email and saw another petition to end ObamaCare sent from Kent's mom. You can sign that one here.


Pam Williams said...

I'm with you 100%. Government regulations take away our freedoms one at a time and pretty soon we're in bondage. Oh wait--that's communism. Vigilance is all.

Nate said...

Thanks for the well-formed opinion. Christy and I both signed the petitions.

I'm sure that Obamacare has helped "some" people...I just don't know any of them.

All I know is that I pay higher premiums, OTC stuff isn't covered by FSA anymore, and we still pay at least the same for any treatment.