Friday, September 2, 2011

Reason to Have Kids: Entertainment Value

Scene 1: One night last week, Kent walked into the younger kids' room to tuck them in. #4 was busy with a pencil and school worksheets, and #5 was crawling around on the floor.

Kent: It's time for lights out kids.

#4: Dad, I need help with my math homework.

#5, without missing a beat: Dad, I need help being a horse.

Scene 2: Last weekend, when the children were supposed to be getting their cleaning done so they could play the rest of the weekend, I came home from running errands to find this.

Hey, I find "Malcom in the Middle" pretty irresistible too. But COME ON! Did they really think no one would notice them spending forbidden TV/online shows time if they huddled under a blanket?

Scene 3: Today while he was eating lunch, I asked #5 if his teacher would be back today. (He had a substitute the last two days.) Here's his reply:

#5: Yeah, I think she'll be back. You want me to tell you why?

(He always asks if we want more information and then waits for a response instead of just following up with the information.)

Me: Yes. Why?

#5: Because today we are learning the letter K, and that's a hard letter. I don't think the other lady could teach it very well.

Wow. I want my children to think independently and not assume that their school teachers are always correct, but what a huge underestimation of the abilities of adults! It's a good thing a certified teacher will be there to instruct about the letter K. !!!


Pam Williams said...

I love your adventures with your kids!

Our family said...

Really, hiding under a blanket so you won't notice them? Awesome. My kids just ignore me and do what they want, and unfortunately I get distracted enough that I don't notice them disobeying when it's just the norm.

Grammy said...

I laughed out loud. That was great.