Monday, September 12, 2011

Flowers in Film

Last fall I planted a couple thousand bulbs in my front yard perennial flower beds. This past spring was the first season for them to show their stuff, and I recorded the show in a series of photos taken every few days. Toward the end of the movie clip, the spacing was every week or two, because the allium just hung around forever.

Allium are more impressive in person. They remind me of purple fireworks in the garden. Wait until you see how I use them in home decor!

Anyway, here's the movie. Or one of them. I realize some of you think it's crazy that I love flowers so much. BUT, if you want to see all three movies, taken from different parts of the yard, you can visit my gardening blog: How My Garden Grows. The longest little filmstrip is less than two minutes.

Pretty nice, eh? I bought all the bulbs online from a company called Colorblends. I highly recommend them if you want an impressive bulb bed. I'm already looking forward to an improved show in years to come!


VickieG said...

That was beautiful; I hated to see it end though. Why can't beautiful bulbs stay for at least 3 months?

Pam Williams said...

I remember seeing that at its most spectacular. Though flowers have to fade, they can live on as sweet memories. Thanks.

Charlotte said...

Great job. Sometimes I wish I had a desire to garden. The picture with snow threw me off, guess Utah had a long winter!

mindy said...

lovely! I am grateful for your love of flowers because it means I get to enjoy them when I come by your house. And I don't think it is any weirder than my love of animals/pets. Most people probably think my love is much weirder. :o)