Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Price is So Right

As a kid, I watched "The Price is Right" most mornings of summer break. My kids are now hooked, and though I know, as a parent, that I should limit their waste of time in front on the TV, I'm okay letting them build their own fond childhood memories of summer mornings. In my youth I actually got quite good at picking prices and dreamed of someday making it on the show.

When I started shopping for myself in college, I made a little game out of predicting the total of my receipt at the grocery store, sales tax included. I didn't use a calculator or total things in my mind. But as I unloaded my cart, I could usually guess within a dollar or two how much I would fork over. Frequently, I can guess within twenty cents.

Well, my sister beat me to my longtime dream...sort of. My youngest sis and her boyfriend were in the audience for a taping of "The Price is Right" that aired today. So I sat with my kids this morning to watch as each contestant who had the most correct bid for initial prizes ran right past my sister. (She is in the second row behind the guy with the glasses and sitting by her cute boyfriend, who is wearing plaid.)

We had fun looking for her in the audience. (The clip is of me calling another sister to help her and her kids know where to find Jenny.)

I also had fun discovering that I'm still pretty good at the game. As I tracked prizes with today's show, I discovered that I would have won all but one prize.

My girls told me as we watched today, "Mom, we'll all take you there for your birthday when you're old, like 40, and we can come with you." Nice. First of all, that's five years away, WHICH IS NOT OLD! Secondly, they still won't be old enough to be in the audience with me. BUT, watch for me and my kids fulfilling our dreams on TV when they are grown...in 15 or 20 years!


Our family said...

Did you guess right on the Puerto Rico showcase? I thought the "right" price was waaaaaay over what it should be.

Mary said...

Yeah, that was messed up. I guessed $20K on that showcase, which was a lot more than the contestant guessed, but a lot less than the correct price. On the car showcase, I was $341 under the right price.

Carolyn said...

Did anybody Tivo the show?

Charlotte said...

I loved the Price is Right when I was a kid. Haven't really watched it in years. Is Drew Carey the host now?