Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Piano Recital and Family Music Night

Every year the amount of piano students I teach fluctuates. This year, I teach children from three other families, and one of those families is currently traveling out of the country. So with such a small group, I thought it would be fun to have a slightly more casual spring recital and turn the Monday evening into a family music night. I was happy that the other two families were on board with that.

Everyone came to our home, and I was happy that all six students chose to dress up for the occasion, even though that had been optional. Since we were in my home, I took the opportunity between pieces to show parents some of the things we work on at lessons, and to brag about each child's musical strengths.

Each year I play a piece after my students perform, and this time, to transition into the "open performances" by family members, my piece was a duet with Kent, who played the tuba. There aren't many classical pieces arranged for piano and tuba, but this Sonata by Vivaldi was fun.

Because all his sisters performed a recital piece, #5 also wanted in on the action. #4 has been teaching him semi-regular "lessons" with some input from #1. #1 helped him place his hands on the keyboard, and I was impressed that he actually played the little song he had chosen. (Not impressed to start him on lessons early, but it was still sweet.)

The girls each played an extra number, and #1 accompanied them all singing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. Another of my students played a violin solo, and my friend, Mindy, played a Primary song on the ukulele, which doubled well as our closing song. I had to laugh that as soon as we closed with prayer, all the kids made a beeline for the dining room where I had set out the makings for brownie sundaes.

While everyone visited, I noticed #5 sneaking a try at the tuba in the hallway. Check out those cheeks! He's a natural.

It was an enjoyable evening, and I'll probably repeat this type of recital in the future. Each student performed well and I think my own kids have a renewed interest in learning to play the piano. Hmm...maybe I'll add a Christmas recital to the end of the year.

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mindy said...

It was a lot of fun. Great idea!