Friday, February 18, 2011

Super Powers are Exhausting

Kent reminded me that I haven't recorded #5's fascination with super powers.

About a year ago, when he was three, #5 was chatting with his dad and mentioned some super powers that he had recently acquired: flying and running super fast.

#5: "Dad, do you have any super powers?"

Kent: "Nope."

#5: "Well I do."

Kent: "Really? Where did you get your powers?"

#5 (matter-of-factly replied): "Jesus gave them to me."

Kent: "Jesus huh? How did that happen?"

#5: "I said, 'Jesus, may I please have some powers?' And He said, 'Yes.'"


We have giggled about that exchange many times, and #5 just smiles because he's so happy to have all these powers. In the past year, he has also gained the powers to jump really high and "be google strong" (#5 uses google for really really, or infinitely), as well as the power of "invisible eyes" (which I think means #5 can see invisible things and people, especially bad guys).

For my birthday, #5 shared two of his powers with me. He bestowed upon me the powers to run really fast and jump really high...but only for three days. And he made it clear that giving me those powers didn't deplete his own powers; he can share them so we can run and jump together. Later that evening, when #5 asked for a treat right before dinnertime and I wouldn't give it to him, an angry cloud distorted his face and he conveyed through clenched teeth that if I didn't give him his treat in five seconds, he would take away my powers! Five seconds later, I expressed my woe that I could feel the powers leaving, and he took pity on me and gave them back. He was so happy to restore my powers that he forgot about the treat and happily watched me make dinner. (Little does he realize how expertly I wield the power of distraction!)

Last week I snapped these photos of #5 flopped out in deep sleep on the couch in the afternoon. (My parents have a collection of my brother's weird sleeping poses from when he was a child. Now I'm gathering similar material of my kids.) This little boy burns energy all day. And really, it's tough work to repeatedly jump from six stairs up in an effort to hone one's flying skills. No wonder he's so tired! This second photo especially almost looks like he's flying in his sleep!

A couple days ago, a little piece of my heart broke as #5 grew up just a little bit. Out of the blue, he sprung this announcement on me:

#5: "Guess what? I don't really have powers. They are just imaginary."

Me: "Really? What makes you think that?"

#5: "I just think about them in my mind. They aren't real."

Me: "That's too bad. But [#5], I have seen you run really fast."

#5: "Yeah. Some of them are real. I can run really fast, but I can't fly."

I don't want to see my little guy's imagination be crowded out by reality too quickly! Fortunately, the next day he was running around in his sister's dance leotard with a big scarf tied for a cape around his neck, jumping off the couches.

Me: "[#5], I'm glad to see you're flying again."

#5: "Yeah. And I can still see with my invisible eyes."

Me: [Whew!]


Jenni said...

SO DARLING!!!!!! He is so dang cute!

Min said...

Just looking at that picture makes my back hurt.

I was disappointed to hear his super powers weren't real

Pam Williams said...

As long as his mind has wings, he'll always be able to fly.

VickieG said...

This little boy is one of the sweetest I have ever known. I love his imagination.

mindy said...

Aw, I love this. So sweet.