Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cozy Bliss

Some days are just good. I snapped this picture to try to capture the warmth of a rare night with everyone home.

The children had played happily with Moon Sand all afternoon, were pleasant at dinner, and then sat down to quietly finish homework. You can see #5 warming up by the wood stove. Dad was helping #3 with the dishes. When the homework and chores were done, we all played a game of Pictionary, and even managed to get through it with no one crying. What really warmed my heart on top of all that is that the family room had stayed clean all day. It was a very sweet and cozy evening.

Disclaimer: That picture was not taken today.

Today was more hectic than usual with kids scattered at friends' homes, mock trial practice, a school play, and the district science fair. Kent ran home from work to a friend's home, back for dinner, over to the science fair awards presentation, and is currently across the street playing a basketball game at 10:20 p.m. I rushed home from an evening gardening class to drag sleeping children from the couch to their beds and to get one child started on her book report (at 10 p.m.). Whew!

I'm glad to have some proof that we did enjoy a peaceful evening here and there during my kids' childhood. As they get older, I expect we'll have more days like today and I would otherwise forget the nice, quiet ones.


Jenni said...

I'm glad you had a quiet, lovely evening together!

Is that a new living room table? I like it!

Also, what's Moon Sand?

Mary said...

That is a new (used) table. The top is a mess, so it will be a summer project to refinish it. But I generally like it in that room.

Moon Sand is a colorful cross between Play Dough and sandbox sand. It has teeny grains of sand (?) that stick together so you can pack and mold it. And it's super hard to clean up because the tiny grains stick to everything. #4 got it for her birthday; otherwise I never would have let the stuff in my house. At least the kids played nicely together with it. :)

Charlotte said...

I love evenings like that. I hate moonsand. We bought it and used it a couple times and the clean up was terrible! I don't even like to clean up play-do!