Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My little sticker proves that I voted today, and my ballot proved to me that my political views are changing. For as long as I can remember, I've skimmed over the qualifications of the Republicans and, being satisfied, I voted straight ticket.

I continue to listen to Glenn Beck, though maybe not as fanatically as a few years ago. (I'm balancing him out with NPR a few days a week.) Since the 2008 election, Beck has been asking his listeners to do their own homework and pull away from the parties in order to vote the candidate of choice. So I read the candidates' statements in the voter booklet and visited their websites to learn what they thought about various issues.

Today I found myself voting for two Democrats (and there would have been a third had I been in a different precinct). In Utah County, my votes for those Democrats didn't go far, but I am happy to find out that I am more discerning with my vote than in the past. I still consider myself generally Republican, but now a little more Independently minded.


Our family said...

I voted for a couple of dems and one of them won. Weird.

Charlotte said...

I was just telling my sister the other day that the party shouldn't matter, especially in local elections.

I chuckled because I balance Beck with NPR, too. They both make me a little crazy, but still interest me.

mindy said...

bwa ha ha, I'll get you yet! :o) Just kidding, I'm not really trying. Though I have decided to join the Utah County Democrats.