Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Emergency Drill?

For the past few days, the weathermen in Utah have been warning us about the coming arctic blizzard which was predicted to arrive yesterday evening. We were told of 50 mph winds and temperatures in the single digits, as well as half a foot or more of snow. In response, I went into preparation mode yesterday. I bought new tires for the van to replace the bald ones. I did a quick run to the grocery store to stock up for the week. I brought firewood inside to keep it dry and ready. And the school canceled #3's after-school karate class to allow teachers and students to safely get home ahead of the storm which was coming between 3:00 and 4:00.

At 5:00 we were ready! The kids and I snuggled on the couches to watch the local news project how bad things were going to get. Even though our picture windows revealed only a gorgeous sunset closing the day on blue skies, I was excited about what was coming! By the time we turned off the news at 5:20, the storm was picking up north of us and was expected to take snow all the way south to St. George.

At 6:00 we could hear the wind whistling in the dark. I turned on the radio to hear a talk show host passing on the governor's advice to check on our elderly and single neighbors. I went so far as to pass that advice on through our neighborhood email.

At 7:00 I built a fire in the wood stove and we snuggled in again for a movie.

When I went to bed at 10:30, I heard an occasional wind gust and saw a dusting of snow. I anticipated waking to a quiet, white marshmallow world.

Here's the view from my back deck this morning:

My four-year-old is pretty disappointed that my promises of building a snowman are not happening today. I've checked the news, and all I can find are reports of slick roads and snow being dumped north of us. How many inches is that? Our street is dry, and even the dusting of snow we got last night has blown away. So we have a cold day with no fun white stuff to play in. Did any of you get "dumped" on?

I'm beginning to wonder if this was just a state-wide emergency drill, because not much panned out here. I really am grateful to not be shoveling today, and to have clear roads for Thanksgiving travelers...even if we missed out on an exciting storm.


Min said...

Tuesday we had major winds and blizzard type conditions about 4:30pm. These lasted about an hour. Then it just snowed. Perhaps we got 2-3 inches . . . perhaps. This morning the ground under the snow was pretty much a sheet of ice.

All things considered, I'd rather everyone be prepared and nothing happen than not be prepared and have people in tragic situations.

Maybe a really big storm will come, and leave you 2 feet of snow, after all, winter has just begun so maybe!

Paul said...

As I left work 2 hours early on Tuesday to beat the blizzard, the KSL radio news guys were talking about how people were overreacting to the alleged storm - that people were behaving as if it were the end of the world coming. Somehow, it failed to dawn on them that everyone was getting their impending-storm info from - where else? - the radio news guys and other media. It was as if they hadn't grasped that when they broadcast gloom and doom, maybe people were listening and taking it seriously.