Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shooting Things

One of the items on my list of things that give me energy is "shooting things". Here's where I confess that I've never shot anything with a real, bullet-loaded gun. Or rather, I hadn't. In my sheltered life, all I've handled are laser guns, BB guns (I got one shot as a demo for the boys when I took the Cub Scouts to Day Camp--and I knocked a bottle off a rock!), and Airsoft guns. Though I've wanted a taser for awhile, I've never wanted to handle real guns. Frankly, they kind of scared me. But since I recognized that I really love taking aim and hitting a target, I thought it was high time that I face my little fear and pull the trigger of a loaded gun.

So for our date night last night, we went to the gun range at the Orem Rec Center. Our friends, the Gonzalezes doubled with us, which helped to defray the cost of ammunition. That stuff is pricey! Kent picked up a box of bullets for a big ol' Magnum revolver that belongs to our friend's dad. That beast of a gun takes huge bullets that cost more than a dollar a piece! I thought going to the gun range, where you can rent a .22 caliber rifle for $2.50 an hour, would be a cheap date. Not so; we managed to spend $40 in ammunition for both guns. I guess if we go back a few times to use up the bullets, then the dates will each be cheaper on average.

Anywho, we had a fun time. While everyone else gave the revolver a try, I decided against dislocating my shoulders and just stayed content trying the rifle. Here's Kent taking aim with the revolver. (ha ha) He really did try it from 15-20 feet, and was not able to hit the target because of the kick from the gun, (although David hit it with both of his shots). I still love you Kent.

Here I am looking armed but not so dangerous with Mindy.

I was at first frustrated that all my shots were hitting above the target, or missing my paper all together. Kent kept telling me to line up the sights, but I just could not line the tip of my gun and still line up the target. Finally, Kent realized he had left out a minor detail: I needed to sight with my right eye, not my left. Then I got a lot better! I even got one shot at the bull's eye!

After about an hour, we made a quick trip to the hospital. Not typcially a great way to end a date at the gun range. Here's what happened...

...nothing notable.
(Did I scare you?) We went to visit Kent's dad who had heart surgery the day before. Unfortunately, we got there when his pain meds were wearing off and the crew of nurses needed to check on him. So we stood in the hall for ten minutes before deciding to come back later. (He was in much better spirits tonight when I took the kids, and he's recovering well.)


mindy said...

that was fun! I think it is fun to have "firsts" even in your thirties. It makes me want to think of things I haven't done and do them. At least the ones that aren't super risky. Or expensive. Or gross. Or illegal. Hmmm, might be a pretty short list. ;o)

(My word verification is "surgion," which somehow seems apropos, despite the misspelling.)

Mary said...

Dang Mindy! You commented before I even finished fixing the layout of the photos and text. I like it when the word verification kind of fits.

How 'bout if we add biking to and from Vivian Park to both our "firsts" lists? (Kelly, are you reading this? You can make this dream come true!)

Min said...

Ah, I like the shooting range. Glad you finally tried it out and enjoyed it. I'm curious, what else is on your 'never tried, want to do" list?

Jenni said...

Looks like a ton of fun! What a great date idea!

Glad Kent's dad is doing well.